My name is Daan and I was born 1980 in Canton Glarus. With three siblings I grew up in a small village. Since childhood I am fascinated by art and creativity. During my schooling and apprenticeship, as well as self-taught, I learned a variety of art techniques. After training as a screen printer, I decided to complete the four-year apprenticeship as a printing technologist.


In my free time, I devote myself to acrylic painting and experiment with colors, shapes and different materials.


In Acrylicpouring, acrylicpaint is made into a liquid, pourable mix by adding a pouring medium and other additives as needed.Which then, depending on the technology, is poured into one another or tilted onto the canvas and distributed by means of the slope of the painting surface.

Depending on the casting mold and the flow technique, other effects occur. There are no limits for the fanatasy.


Thanks to my love of neon colors, I started using Blacklight Acrylpouring. For this I use UV-active acrylic paints and a UV lamp.


For my artwork I use high-quality materials, artist paints, stable stretcher frames or wood stains as well as a variety of molds and other, sometimes simple and inexpensive


My pictures mainly arise at my home. I do not own a studio. Since my art leaves traces, I sometimes have to cover entire floors. If you need to go fast, a cardboard box is enough.


After the canvases and the camera are aligned, colors are mixed, it is also possible to cast. I let my imagination run wild.


After a few days of drying time, my pictures are ready, I usually do without a coating with resin.